Smoke in the Spring
16th Annual
April 12-13, 2019
Jones Park - Osage City, KS
517 South 1st Street

Taste of Osage City

*A special community event showcasing the teams of the Smoke in the Spring
*BBQ teams can sell any food product(s) during the Taste of Osage City
*The public and BBQ teams use BBQ Bucks ‐ $1.00 = 1 BBQ Buck
*BBQ Bucks will be available to the public before the contest and on-site Friday.
*Participating teams receive 90% back from their BBQ Buck sales
*Teams receive a City of Osage City check for 90% of their BBQ Buck Sales 7-10 days after the contest.
*BBQ Bucks are collected by the OC Kiwanis Club Saturday morning
*Teams receive a sign indicating to the public you are a participating team

Smoke in the Spring Logo